Shakers Lincoln Custom

Custom Order With Shakers Family Lincoln

Custom Order With Shakers Family Lincoln

Building on the rich history of the Shaker Auto Group, let’s explore their modern approach to automotive sales and service, with a focus on their Lincoln customization program. Custom Order Your Lincoln Your Way with Shakers Family Lincoln.

The Shaker Approach to Luxury: Customizing Your Lincoln Experience

The Shaker Auto Group has long been synonymous with quality and customer service in New England’s automotive landscape. Today, they’re taking that commitment to the next level with their Lincoln customization program at Shaker Family Ford Lincoln in Watertown, Connecticut.

A New Era of Personalization

In an age where consumers crave uniqueness,  Shaker Family Ford Lincoln is leading the charge in offering bespoke luxury vehicles. The “Custom Order Your Lincoln Your Way” program allows customers to tailor their Lincoln to their exact specifications, ensuring a truly personal driving experience.

The Customization Process

When you choose to customize your Lincoln with Shaker, you’re embarking on a journey of creation. Here’s how it works:

  • Consultation: Meet with a Lincoln specialist who will guide you through the available options and help you envision your perfect vehicle.
  • Design: Choose from a wide array of exterior colors, interior trims, wheel designs, and technology packages.
  • Features: Select the advanced safety features, comfort amenities, and performance upgrades that matter most to you.
  • Finalization: Review your custom design and place your order with the confidence that your Lincoln will be built to your exact specifications.

Popular Lincoln Models for Customization

While all Lincoln models are available for customization, some have proven particularly popular among Shaker’s discerning clientele:

  • Lincoln Navigator: The flagship SUV offers unparalleled luxury and presence on the road.
  • Lincoln Aviator: A mid-size SUV that blends performance with elegance.
  • Lincoln Corsair: A compact SUV that doesn’t compromise on luxury or technology.

The Benefits of Custom Ordering

Opting for a custom-ordered Lincoln through Shaker offers several advantages:

  1. Uniqueness: Drive a vehicle that truly reflects your personal style and preferences.
  2. Optimal Configuration: Get exactly the features you want without paying for those you don’t need.
  3. Factory-Fresh: Your Lincoln comes directly from the factory, ensuring the highest quality and latest updates.
  4. Potential Savings: By ordering only the features you desire, you may save money compared to purchasing an off-the-lot vehicle with pre-selected options.

The Shaker Difference in Customization

What sets Shaker apart in the custom ordering process is their commitment to customer satisfaction and their deep knowledge of the Lincoln brand. Their team of Lincoln specialists are not just salespeople, but true automotive enthusiasts who understand the nuances of luxury vehicle design and performance. “We don’t just sell cars; we create experiences,” says Brett Shaker, the current head of operations. “When a customer chooses to custom order their Lincoln with us, we’re with them every step of the way, ensuring their vision becomes a reality.”

Beyond the Sale: Shaker’s Commitment to Service

The relationship with Shaker doesn’t end when you drive off the lot in your custom Lincoln. Their dedication to customer service extends well into the ownership experience:

  • Specialized Maintenance: Technicians trained specifically in Lincoln vehicles ensure your custom-ordered car receives the care it deserves.
  • Concierge Service: Enjoy personalized attention for all your automotive needs, from scheduling maintenance to addressing any concerns.
  • Exclusive Events: As a Shaker Lincoln customer, you’ll be invited to special events and previews of new Lincoln models and technologies.

The Future of Luxury Automotive Retail

The Shaker Auto Group’s approach to Lincoln customization represents the future of luxury car buying. In an era where mass production is the norm, Shaker offers a refreshing return to personalized service and bespoke products. “We’re not just selling cars; we’re crafting individual expressions of luxury,” Brett Shaker explains. “Each custom Lincoln that leaves our dealership is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our customers’ unique tastes.”

Community Impact and Sustainability

True to their roots, the Shaker Auto Group continues to make a positive impact on their community, even as they push the boundaries of luxury car sales:

  • Local Sourcing: Where possible, Shaker works with local suppliers for customization elements, supporting the New England economy.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: The customization program includes options for more sustainable materials and hybrid powertrains, aligning with growing environmental concerns.
  • Education Initiatives: Shaker partners with local schools to offer internships and educational programs in automotive technology and business.

Looking Ahead: The Next Chapter in the Shaker Legacy

As the Shaker Auto Group continues to evolve, their Lincoln customization program stands as a bridge between their storied past and promising future. It embodies the personal touch that Joseph Shaker brought to his first garage in 1930, now elevated to meet the demands of 21st-century luxury car buyers. The success of this program has not gone unnoticed. Industry insiders speculate that other Shaker dealerships may soon offer similar customization options for their respective brands, potentially revolutionizing the car-buying experience across New England.

New Brands and Locations (1990s-2000s)

With success came the opportunity for growth. In the 1990s, the Shakers opened Shaker’s Family Hyundai in Watertown, bringing the value-packed Korean brand to their local market. A few years later, they added Shaker’s Quick Lane Tire & Auto Care in nearby Naugatuck to provide repair and tire services. As the 2000s dawned, the third generation of Shakers – Corey, Joseph, Janet, Steve and Ed – hurled themselves into the business, spearheading an ambitious expansion. They pushed beyond Waterbury County’s borders, establishing Modern Mazda in Thomaston in 2002. Then the Wellesley Mazda in Wellesley, Massachusetts in 2008. This marked their entry into the lucrative Boston market area.

However, their most significant move came in 2010 when Ford announced the discontinuation of the Mercury brand. While this could have derailed the original Shaker’s Lincoln Mercury, the family adroitly transitioned the Watertown location to a dual Ford-Lincoln dealership now called Shaker Family Ford LincolnOver the next few years, they further diversified by adding Shaker’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and Shaker’s Kia, also in Watertown. These additions gave customers a wide range of brands to choose from, all under the Shaker Auto Group umbrella.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Innovation and Service

From a humble garage in Waterbury to a cutting-edge customization program for one of America’s most prestigious automotive brands, the Shaker Auto Group continues to set the standard for excellence in the industry. Their Lincoln customization program is more than just a sales tactic; it’s a reflection of their enduring commitment to customer satisfaction. As you consider your next luxury vehicle purchase, remember that with Shaker Family Ford Lincoln. You’re not just buying a car – you’re becoming part of a legacy of automotive passion and personalized service that spans nearly a century. For those ready to embark on their own Lincoln customization journey, the team at Shaker Family Ford Lincoln in Watertown is ready to guide you through the process. Shakers will ensure that your next luxury vehicle is as unique as you are.